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A new layout!

My friend, Katherine, shared this layout with me, and I think it would be fantastic for my oracle, so I'm adopting it!

Lay cards out in a wandering path.

1. Stepping out into the crisp Autumn air, you go for a walk in the woods. This is where you are starting from.
2. As you walk down this path, you hear a twig cracking in the brush. These are the fears you will encounter.
3. So you wrap your shawl tightly around you, and grasp it tightly as you quicken your pace. This is that which you will find comfort in.
4. Off in the distance you see a deer with its fawn crossing appearing in your path. This is what you don’t expect.
5. A wise owl swoops above your head and lands on a far up branch. This is what you will learn along this path.
6. As you reach the end of your journey, you ponder all that has happened and what has resulted. This is the outcome of your journey.

I think I will price this reading at $25.

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